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July 06, 2005


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I was never bothered by my cats throwing up - says the Don.

For me, it's not that particularly annoying as it doesn't stink and most of thrown up material is hairs.

Mayve it was because I never fed them fodder.

Anyway, the only reason why we switched to dogs was the Donna neing not at all fond of cats and I failed to convince her that her attitude was wrong. Oh how I would love to be owned by another bunch of these proud warriors.

But I have to admit that I'm truly happy with our dogs, now. Much happier than I dared to anticipate.


Hahaha! I rememebr our two cats when I was growing up doing exactly the same. They were Persians and all that hair seemed to end up beign licked down and then vomited back up... The rule was that whoever came across the soggy mess first had to clean it up. My brother and I got to be very god at identifying that horrible convulsing sound and gauging very carefully where the cat was. If the cat was in the kitchen/sunroom/entrance hall where there were tiles, we'd acknowledge that we'd heard it and go and wipe up. But if we heard the cat right outside our bedroom or in the lounge, we'd pretend to be asleep/outside/deaf and avoid the area till my mother's squeal indicated that she'd found it first!! My brother also got quite good at tossing the cat a few feet - as in, if you find the cat preparing to throw up on the Persian rug in the lounge, you scoop him up and gently toss him 4 feet away onto the tiled floor of the sunroom!!

Great post...

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