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I love baking bread and I love focaccia. Focaccia basically is like a bread, just that it is baked flat in a pan, instead of a loaf.

Focaccia with rosemary, red onions and sundried tomatoes. On the left before baking.

The recipe is one from Leila Lindholm's book:  "A piece of cake" . Which is one of two books from her that I have. 

The recipe calls for 25 grams yeast, 300 ml lukewarm water, 50 ml olive oil, 2 tablespoons honey and approx. 425-480 g of wheat flour.

I pour the water in a bowl, add the yeast and honey and stir it together, then I add the olive oil and flour and mix it together in a bowl.  I am in luck because I have a wonderful red Kitchen Aid and the mixing is no science of work at all. 

Then I cover the bowls with a cloth and let it rest for at least 40 mins. Usually I let it rest longer because I forget all about it, which doesn't harm the dough the least it only rises a bit more. 

Then I drizzle some olive oil and sea salt on a deep baking pan and with my hands I stretch out the dough all over ot and cover it up again to let it sit for another 30 mins, after which I poke some "holes" in the dough with my finger. In fact they're not actual holes, just little deep pockets were I stuck in my finger. 

I mostly divide my focaccia in three parts, one with finely chopped rosemary to drizzle it over the dough, one part  with finely chopped sundried tomatoes and one part with thinly sliced red onions. Then I drizzle some olive ol on top and put it in the preheated oven (225° Celsius) and let it bake for 10 mins. 

This bread is also great to take with you to work, and eat it with maybe some caprese (tomatoe, mozzarella and basil) . 

What do you like to bake?  


Hearty breakfast

This weekend is one of the rare ones,  when we're both at home, so of course there is a lot of cooking going on. I love to cook, Mr. Happy loves to eat. 

So we started the day off with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and baguette with a glass of non-alcoholic "champagne". 

Plate of scrambled eggs with onions, prosciutto, tomatoes, herbed cheese and basil with baguette and non-alcoholic "champagne"

 There really is no recipe for this, I usually use what I find in the fridge. This time it was a very nice italian prosciutto that I sliced into thin stripes which, along with a finely chopped onion - scallions would have been nicer, but I didn't have them - I put in the heated pan to least them "sweat" a bit, the onions should not be browned. 

Then I whipped up three eggs with a shot of milk and some ground pepper and ground paprika and poured it in the pan. 

When the egg starts getting a bit firmer at the edges I start moving them around (I do not scramble them senselessy) and swith off the stove, the heat of the pan is enough. Then I drizzled it with some grated herbed cheese (a summer-gouda) and added the chopped tomatoes. 

It's basically ready after that and I divided it onto two plates and sprinkled some sea-salt flakes on top. 

We had some baguette left over from yesterday which we buttered and ate it with the scrambled eggs.  To toast the rare occasion we had some non-alcoholic champagne with it. 

A very nice weekend-breakfast to be enjoyed in our "winter-garden" s long as the weather is still nice and not too overbearingly hot as it has been in the past days. 

I would consider this a typical german, festive weekend breakfast. What do you have for breakfast when you want to make it special?