One week project "What Germans really eat" ...

I have dedicated myself to a one week project "What Germans really eat".

I will spare you the breakfast, and maybe just show you a weekend one, which at least for me, might be more elaborate than a weekday breakfast, since you have more time on weekends, but don't consider it to be a typical breakfast, which in reality might consist of a slice of bread with a slice of cheese, or some marmalade and some fruit on the side, or a simple müsli ... I will, however, show you lunch and dinner. 

What we really eat

I hear and read so much about what Germans eat and sometimes I don't know if I should laugh or just shake my head. The thing is, what you can order in a restaurant and also then it depends on the type of restaurant, will only showcase a small window on eating habits.

If you REALLY want to know what Germans eat, look in their kitchens at home. This of course holds true for any nation, which is why I invite you to participate if you like to showcase the kitchen of your country.

Feel free to contact me, no matter if you are German or any other nationality. I'll happily let you guest blog and we can collaborate and attempt to show more accurately what we really eat. It could be fun!